Our staff or Camp Host will welcome you at the airport in Holy Cross and arrange for you to stay in our village apartments, be dropped off, or be taken out to moose camp right away. We have two points of accommodations depending on how busy the boats and staff are.

Holy Cross, AlaskaVillage of Holy Cross, Alaska

AMMT Moose Camp is located near the Alaskan Native village of Holy Cross, Alaska.  Here on the banks of the Yukon River where the monster moose roam (and some big bears). If you decide to lodge with us the camp it is located 45 minutes boat ride from the village down the Innoko River and into one of the most beautiful lakes in the area. AMMT has access to over 139,000 acres of prime, with a very healthy population of moose. All transportation outside of the village will be by boat and motor.

Boats on the shores of Holy Cross

The main lodge is 16’ x 24’ feet with a wraparound deck, panoramic windows, and a sizable kitchen, mess hall, and lounging area. Here all of your meals will be served and the all hunting conversation that goes with it! Our camp and lodge comes equipped with generated power, water containment, and wood stove heat. All the amenities of home – just off the grid!

AMMT Moose Camp
A map of Moose Camp.

Moose Camp from the front of the fire pit.

Your view from Moose Camp - very scenic!

Exterior of lodge with deck.

View from the deck of lodge.

Moose Camp from the front of the lake.

Our brand new tents on platforms that will be permanent cabins in 2017.

We have 4 cabins for accomodations. This is the view from the trail.

For your accommodations you can expect newly built cabins in 2017! Our cabins are 10’ x 12’ feet and come with cozy wood stoves, oversize camping cots with mattresses, camp chairs, electrical sockets, and coat racks. Each day your cabin will be cleaned, swept, and the wood ready for you to unwind from a long day of monster moose hunting.

The camp amenities include a centralized fire pit area, a meat hanging area, new outhouses, and an outdoor hot water shower area. Our camp does not own a liquor license, so it’s B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Booze). In the evenings, we will have a TV/DVD available in our main lodge building for people who want to veg out and relax after a hard days hunting.

Beautiful country in the fall

Most of boats are 20 ft. or bigger and are equipped to haul your monster moose out of the woods. Most of hunting will be from Sunrise to lunch and from dinnertime to dark. The moose around here lay down during the day and slowly move around. But it is up to you when you want us to take you out. Your chances of getting a monster moose are much better if our transporters take you to a new hunting spot multiple times a day – cover more country. But of course, if you stay at camp you have a really good chance of bagging a Monster Moose right across from camp - its in the heart of Monster Moose country!

We hope that all our clients will get the Monster Moose of a lifetime! But hunting is luck, timing, and skill. Our job is transporting and accommodating you. We are not guides – the best of luck!

Please Call Us at: 1-844-HCR-HUNT if you have any questions.


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